Minecraft Java Edition Server Clients Download


VersionLapCodeGame VersionServer Client DownloadRemarkSave Download
v11Paryi 7 Survival1.14.4client_paryi_7_1144_v1.7z\sur ‘s save is not packaged.SAVES DOWNLOAD
v22VirtualWorks DevNetwork1.15.2client_paryi_7_1152_v2.7z\1.15.2\vanilla ‘s save is not packaged.SAVES DOWNLOAD
v3ACIDNyaPoint ACID1.16.3client_nyapoint_1163_v3.7zOnly package acid.SAVES DOWNLOAD

Other Server Client

ServerLapCodeGame VersionServer Client DownloadRemarkSave Download
P31Paryi 31.13.2client_paryi_3_1132.7zNon-original server client and the save is not packaged.SAVES DOWNLOAD
  • Unpacked saves can go to the SAVES DOWNLOAD page to download and put in.
  • The server client has not been extensively modified, and the configuration file needs to be modified for self-use.
  • If the download link is not available, please contact the email contact@devnet.work.
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